If you’ve been collecting customer email addresses for awhile, but haven’t quite made the time to design your first email here are a few tips to get you started.

Special Design Considerations for Email Newsletters

Email newsletters must be designed to be deliverable to the majority of email readers. This means a very basic layout and using best practices to ensure deliverability.

An email newsletter typically has a graphic header with a logo or product name, the content of the newsletter, sometimes a sidebar, and a footer. They must include a note about SPAM and an unsubscribe link. It’s always advisable to use a system like MailChimp, Constant Contact or Campaign Monitor to set up and manage your campaigns, both for deliverability issues and to make sure you’re complying with the U.S. AntiSpam laws.

Email newsletters can be a highly effective marketing strategy for your business. They can help you bring back old customers, and distribute information to a large audience at a very small cost.


Here are a few links showing email newsletter designs. Some of them break the rules of best practice, but they’re worth checking out.

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