Use Google AdWords to target your online text ads to an audience that’s showing interest in your products or services.

AdWords Overview

  • Delivers a targeted audience for your ads
  • Only requires a $5 activation fee paid to Google to get started
  • You only pay for your ads when they get clicked

AdWords ads are displayed along with search results when someone searches Google using one of your targeted keywords. You create ads and choose keywords, or keyword phrases, related to your businesses products and services.

For instance, with a keyword targeted ad, if someone does a Google search for “estate attorneys”, they only see ads that businesses have created to show up for Estate Attorneys. Google AdWords enables you to create precise, targeted advertising.

When you do a search on Google, you’ll see two types of search results come up. On the left side of the screen are the “organic” search results that are non-paid search results. On the right side of the screen are the paid Adwords ads, also called “Sponsored Links”. Sometimes two or three of the sponsored links will appear above the organic results on the left.

In order to get your website listed near the top of the sposored listings you’ll need to know how the system works. Determining the right amount to bid for one of the top ad spots is the starting point. A bid that is too low won’t get your ad placed in the top spot, but if it’s too high, you might think that you would be wasting money. Luckily, Google has automated the process to make sure you only pay one penny more than the next highest bid.

Let’s say you’re a tax attorney in Atlanta, GA, and you want top placement for the keyword phrase “tax attorney Atlanta, GA”. If you bid $1.50 for this keyword phrase, while another tax attorney bids $1.00, you would only pay $1.01 for a click generated by that ad.

In addition your ad would probably be placed higher than the other tax attorney. We say probably because the AdWords system actually ranks the quality of the ad along with the price bid. So if your ad has a poor quality ranking it may be placed below a lower bid ad.

Not only do you control how much to bid per click, but you also decide how much to spend each day or month for your entire ad campaign. You can completely control your AdWords budget by setting a spend limit of $200 or $300 per month.

Google Adwords Click-to-Call for Ads
on Mobile Devices

Beginning in January 2010, your location-specific phone number will display alongside your website link in ads that appear on mobile phones with web browsers (e.g. iPhone, Android). Users of these devices will be able to click-to-call your business the same way they might click to visit your website. You’ll be charged for clicks to call, the same way you’re charged for clicks to visit your website.

Based on your potential customer’s geographic location, the phone number of your closest business address will appear as a fifth line of ad text with your AdWords ad. You’ll be able to view calls stats from your ads within AdWords. The cost of a click to call your business will be the same as the cost of a click to visit your website.

If you’d like to take advantage of this new AdWords opportunity we’ll make sure that your campaign is targeting iPhones and other mobile devices with full HTML browsers, and that you have included phone numbers with your business addresses in the appropriate places within AdWords. If you don’t want your ads to show phone numbers, we can remove the phone number from the business listings included only for your campaigns targeting mobile devices. Your phone number can still appear in normal AdWords listings if you’ve included it.

If you want to “do-it-yourself”, sign up for Google AdWords and learn how to use the Keyword Tool they provide.