What’s included in the website redesign fee?

The website redesign fee covers everything required to redesign your website.
It includes:

    • Assistance with your domain name
    • Customizing your design choice
    • Smartphone and tablet version
    • Contact form
    • Basic search engine optimization (SEO)
    • A blog
    • Location map
    • Social media icons with links
    • Google Analytics
    • Easy to Leave GuaranteeSM

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What’s included in the monthly hosting and maintenance fee?

The monthly hosting and maintenance fee – $45 per month – covers website hosting and keeping WordPress up to date.

  • Website hosting on high speed servers
  • Periodic updates to the WordPress content management system
  • Daily website backups

Why do your websites cost more than others I’ve found?

Pricing for the development of a typical small business website ranges from $2,000 on the low end, to over $20,000 on the high end. The lower end variety are often available from a couple of different sources:

First are the freelancers who often have daytime jobs and very little overhead. What you gain in cost-savings you stand to lose in long-term support, as they may cease to stay in business. Second are the large discount website developers that may pay their sales staff more than their programmers. You deal with a knowledgeable person during the sales process, but often end up with mediocre to poor service during the building process. The cost to you might be “not getting what you really want”.

To offer a guaranteed high level of personal service I intentionally have fewer clients and higher rates than a web development company that sells based on price.

Although you can have a website built for less, I feel I’ve put together an offering of quality and value that is worth the price. To ensure your trust in what I offer I’ve created the Easy to Leave Guarantee. To better suit your marketing budget, I’ve split the website development fee into 12 monthly payments.

How long does it take to have a website built?

On average it takes from two to seven weeks to build a website. If your website simply needs to be redesigned, and the content is staying “as is”, the project can be completed in as little as two weeks from the start date.

Do you provide email accounts with service and support?

I don’t offer email accounts due to the time and expertise required to provide email service and support. I feel that most business email needs are better served by a company that specializes in email.

Both of the following suggested email service providers offer email account setup and support. They can help you make sure your smartphone and other computers are setup to receive and send email properly. In addition they both offer email archiving services for an additional fee.

I suggest Intermedia email services to my clients that need hosted Microsoft Exchange email services. The price is $8/month per email address and they have a minimum of 3 email addresses per account.
Total minimum cost: $24/month.

I suggest FuseMail email services to my clients that simply need a plain email service with great support. The cost is $2/month per email address and they have a minimum of 5 email addresses per account.
Total minimum cost: $10/month.

Can I move or “take” my website to another provider?

You’ll never be “locked in” to my service because you’re covered by my Easy to Leave GuaranteeSM.

The Easy to Leave Guarantee sets up a process where it’s easy for you to take your website and leave my service, once the initial website setup fee is paid. If you’ve ever tried to take your functioning website away from another company before, you’ll know it’s often a stressful process, and in some cases they won’t let you take it.

Personally I hate the feeling of being locked in to a service I’m no longer happy with, and decided that I would never want my clients to feel locked in to my service.

Although I’ll do everything possible to make sure you never want to leave my service, I realize that making it easy to do so, and putting the process in writing, would help make your decision to do business with me much easier. I also like the fact that it “ups the ante” on my end to provide great service, or risk losing your business. There’s just something fun about raising the stakes.

Here’s my Easy to Leave Guarantee:

  1. I provide you with regular backup copies of your website (sent automatically by email), and a step by step instruction list that shows your new website services company how to install your website on their server. You can simply exercise your guarantee and then let me know that you’ve moved and wish to cancel my service.
  2. In addition, if your new provider needs assistance with the move, or wants me to take care of it, I’ll provide as much friendly assistance as they (or you) need at my current hourly rate.
  3. Your website setup fee must be paid in full, as well as any outstanding balances, before you can cancel my service.

By the way, this easy to leave guarantee also covers you in the event that I get “hit by a bus”. You’ll always have everything you need to hand your website off to another developer. Along with providing website “insurance” for you, it’s another way for me to know that I’m delivering the best website possible to my clients.

What is the process for having a website built?

Here is an outline of my website building process. I’ll go over it with you during the sales process.

  1. Initial Setup
    1. If you have a current website that will remain live:
      1. I’ll set up your new website on my development server.
    2. If you do not currently have a live website:
      1. Your website will be located at www.YourDomainName.com while it’s being built.
      2. I’ll upload your logo and “Coming Soon” graphic for any visitors that come by.
    3. If your email service is changing, I’ll work with your provider to assure a smooth transition.
  2. Design Customization
    I’ll do the following tasks to customize your chosen design for your needs:

    1. Choose photos and graphics
    2. Integrate photos and graphics
    3. Make layout adjustments
    4. Set-up navigation and pages
    5. Set-up contact forms
  3. Client Review
    1. I’ll send you the link to the new website on the development server for your review.
    2. I’ll go through a phone-based interview with you to discuss the website and get your feedback.
    3. You’ll have as long as you need to assemble revision requests.
  4. Integrate Revisions
    1. I’ll make the changes you’ve requested and show you the results.
    2. You’ll request any remaining revisions, and I’ll take care of them until you’re happy with the results.
  5. Client Walkthrough & Sign-off
    1. All testing and link checking has been completed and I request your final review.
    2. The website is checked and approved by you.
  6. Your Website is Launched and Goes Live



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