Need more than the basics for your website redesign? Here are the prices for add-on options. Note that the prices are added on to the 12 month setup fee.

Animated Home Page Banner

An animated home page banner presents photos that fade from one to the next, with or without text overlays.

Animated home page banner: $70

Additional Contact Forms

Each website comes standard with one contact form.

Additional contact forms: $20

Video Embedding

I can include videos on your website. You can choose between self-hosted or offsite hosted (like YouTube or Vimeo).

Each video: $8

PayPal/Google Checkout Buttons

Want to sell a few items on your website, but don’t need a complete shopping cart? PayPal or Google Checkout buttons are a simple solution to accept credit card payments.

Each button: $8

Seminar Sign-up Form

If you host seminars, you’ll be able to register attendees on your website with this option.

Requires quote.

Financial Calculators

Place some specialty calculators on your website to help your site visitors calculate financial planning goals.

Requires quote.

Event Calendar

Do you have a schedule that you would like to post online for your visitors? An event calendar gives you complete tools to post events and it creates a Ib page for each event you post.

Basic event calendar: $74

Newsletter Signup

If you’re using a service like Mailchimp, or Constant Contact, you can have a spot on your website where your visitors subscribe to your mailing list.

Newsletter signup: $8

Newsletter Template Setup

I can assist with a newsletter template setup if you want to customize the ones that come free with MailChimp or Constant Contact.

Requires quote.

Facebook Connect

Automatically Publish new posts to your Facebook Profile or Fan Page plus many other options. Learn more by watching a video: Facebook Connect – How and Why

Facebook connect: $14

Twitter Feed Setup

A Twitter feed allows you to output any user’s tIets (or just your own) onto your Ib page. Great for adding to the sidebar area of your website if you are prone to Tweet.

Twitter feed: $14


Need more than a basic contact form? A questionnaire can help qualify your prospective clients or patients so that you have a better understanding of their needs.

Up to 20 questions: $38
Over questions: $1.75 each

Translated Pages

If you need to provide your website text and navigation in another language I can tie the translated pages into the structure of your website. A simple click of a button will take your visitors into an identical copy of your website in their chosen language.

View example ยป
Translated pages: $18/page

Custom Graphics

I’ll add the photos or graphics that you supply for free. If you need graphics created or a large number of photos edited, I’ll help you determine a time estimate for your needs.

Requires quote.