Mid Range
Semi-custom websites start with a design layout that I've used before. This jump starts the project and results in a lower price.
$3,200 - $4,600
Custom websites include additional design time and a custom layout. You'll have more options for design and special features.
$4,600 - $15,000 or more
Just Three Pages
Just Three Pages websites are for financial advisors and attorneys. They include professionally written content.
$228per month for 12 months

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do your websites cost more (or less) than others I’ve found?

Pricing for the development of a typical small business website ranges from $2,000 on the low end, to over $30,000 on the high end. The lower end variety are often available from a couple of different sources:

First are the freelancers who often have daytime jobs and very little overhead. What you gain in cost-savings you stand to lose in long-term support, as they may cease to stay in business. Second are the large discount website developers that may pay their sales staff more than their programmers. You deal with a knowledgeable person during the sales process, but often end up with mediocre to poor service during the building process. The cost to you might be “not getting what you really want”.

The upper end of pricing comes from design agencies who maintain nice offices and work with larger corporate clients. They often do branding work along with website, print, and video production. You'll most often get great results but it might break your budget.

My pricing falls between the low end and the high end. I don't have the overhead of an agency, but I provide more customization and service offerings than discount web developers.

Although you can have a website built for less, I feel I’ve put together an offering of quality, service, and value that is well worth the price. To ensure your trust in what I offer I’ve created the Easy to Leave Guarantee. To better suit your marketing budget, I’ve split the website development fee into 12 monthly payments.

My pricing falls between the low end and the high end. I don't have the overhead of an agency, but I provide more customization and service offerings than discount web developers.

Do you host websites and what is the cost?

I host most of the websites I build. The cost is $45 per month. If you choose the Just Three Pages approach the hosting is from $28 - $34 per month. You're also free to choose a host of your choice and I'll install the website I build on your hosting provider.

How long does it take to have a website built?

On average it takes from two to seven weeks to build a website. If your website simply needs to be redesigned, and the content is staying “as is”, the project can be completed in as little as two weeks from the start date.

Do you provide email accounts with service and support?

I don’t offer email accounts due to the time and expertise required to provide email service and support. I feel that most business email needs are better served by a service that specializes in email, such as Microsoft Outlook or G Suite from Google.

Can I move or “take” my website to another provider if you host my website?

You’ll never be “locked in” to my service because you’re covered by my Easy to Leave Guarantee.

The Easy to Leave Guarantee makes it easy for you to take your website and leave my hosting service, once the initial website setup fee is paid. If you’ve ever tried to take your functioning website away from another company before, you’ll know it’s often a stressful process, and in some cases they won’t let you move it.

Do I have full ownership of my website?

Yes, you have full ownership of your website. Many web developers can't allow you to take your website to another hosting provider because your website is wrapped up in their content management system. Under these circumstances you don't really have full ownership of your website. If you need a content management system for your project, I'll use WordPress which provides you with complete portability.

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