Step One


The Discovery Process is about defining your needs and learning what you hope to achieve with a new website. If you have a current website we’ll discuss what you like about it and what you think could be improved.

I’ll provide guidance and options based on your budget and make sure that I can completely meet your expectations before the project gets started.

The Discovery Process can shed new light on your purpose for having a website. For instance I have seen some clients come to the realization that their website should be targeted towards referred visitors, rather than visitors based on Google searches.

Initial Discovery

During our first phone discussion I'll listen to your needs. Are you wanting a website that will help generate leads or one that works towards introducing yourself to referrals?

I'll ask if you have examples of websites you like or dislike, and we can discuss them during the call.

Step Two

Design & Build

The Design and Build Process is about getting the best visual identity set up for your website and integrating the content. If you require web forms or special animation techniques I'll implement the code that gets the job done.

You’ll be able to view your new website while it’s being customized and I’ll make design changes that you request. Step two is all about getting the design customized to suit your taste.

Next it's time to make sure it the new website works well on full displays and mobile devices. I'll do thorough testing and make any necessary adjustments.

When you’re completely happy with the results, your new website will “go live”.

Attention to Detail

One of the issues I’ve worked to overcome is the complexity of building high quality WordPress websites. I’ve created a 68 point checklist to ensure uniformity and security for all the sites I build.

The checklist makes sure that no single important feature or security measure is left out.

Step Three

Host & Maintain

I'll host and maintain your website, or you can choose to host with another hosting provider.

If you choose my hosting service I'll monitor your website and keep all WordPress plugins up to date. Keeping WordPress plugins updated is an important security measure.

My server architecture is precisely tuned for WordPress websites. You get an optimized hosting environment that allows your website to scale regardless of sudden traffic spikes.

Automated weekly backups (or daily depending on your blogging needs), will be performed on your website. If something were to go wrong or content is accidently deleted, I will be able to rollback to the latest backup.

Website Portability

It’s often hard to move your website once it’s been built, not because web developers want to keep you captive, but because of logistical problems inherent with moving websites.

The WordPress websites I build are completely portable and you are the full owner. You can move the website from one host to another and have other web developers work on it.